About the Festival

VISION Statement

We envision a dynamic, strong and vibrant Filipino-Australian community that is recognised and valued as a member of Australia’s multicultural society…

MISSION Statement

To preserve, promote and maintain the Filipino heritage among our members especially our children and to showcase our Filipino culture with a cultural festival of Food, Music, Songs, Dances and Games. The festival would be inclusive for the whole and wider mainstream community and to foster a deeper understanding of another culture.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census in 2016, Australian citizens who were born in the Philippines make up about 0.9 % of the Ipswich Population (1% Australia wide). They are one of the largest migrant groups in Ipswich next to India (1%) and Vietnam (2.4%). Migrant Filipinos and Australia-born citizens with Filipino heritage/parents are one of the largest groups of residents living in Ipswich. Lupang Hinirang Pty. Ltd. strongly believes that organizing this festival in Ipswich will encourage the Filipino Community to:

a) witness or participate in the festival program and the different activities
b) prepare and share their traditional food
c) present Philippine culture and traditions through songs and dances d) bring the whole family together to socialise
e) meet Filipino people from different towns in SE Qld incl. Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, & Toowoomba and those on temporary or overseas contract workers and their families
f) introduce the Filipino culture and traditions to mainstream Australians for better understanding and appreciation of our culture.

About Robelle Domain
Robelle Domain central parklands is Greater Springfield’s world-class recreational space with a huge variety of scenic and interactive spaces including the Orion Lagoon. Situated at the heart of the 487- hectare Springfield Central parklands, Greater Springfield’s Orion Lagoon water park only scratches the surface of what the parklands have to offer: a performance stage, public art displays, kiosk, a 110m pedestrian footbridge, waterfalls, tree-top walkways, turf and land art pyramids, numerous shaded barbeque and picnic spaces, beautiful exhibition gardens, and expansive grassy spaces – the perfect environment for large community events and gatherings are all here.

Are you ready for your best day out?

Robelle Domain: Greater Springfield’s Central Parkland

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